NIKO: The Easy Toddler Car Seat Cover for Your Family

NIKO Car Seat Covers are the toddler car seat covers you need: the product created by parents, for parents.

Once your child reaches their first birthday, they’ve officially graduated from babyhood and have reached toddlerhood. We know that caring for a toddler can be incredibly stressful, as their brains are constantly taking in new information and developing. On top of that, it becomes difficult to keep up with them as they learn how to walk and run. Their demands can seem endless, and we want to be able to help you through this transition. Ensuring your child’s safety in the car is an utmost concern for parents, and so is keeping them clean. 

Shockingly enough, studies have found that parents seldom wash their children’s car seats - but why? The truth is, many toddler car seats are extremely frustrating to use. Whether they’re Graco car seat cover, Britax car seat cover, Evenflo car seat cover, Chicco car seat cover, Cosco car seat cover, Maxi-Cosi car seat cover, Diono car seat cover, Safety 1st car seat cover, or just about any other forward-facing car seats for children, parents will find it’s confusing, difficult and time-consuming to take off the car seat cover that comes with the seat.  In fact, most of us have to videotape ourselves taking it off so we know how to put it back on after washing!  So most parents will simply shrug it off instead of washing them, or getting a replacement toddler car seat cover. 

One recent study conducted by Maxi-Cosi showed that over one hundred forms of bacteria can accumulate on a toddler car seat, increasing the exposure to germs for your child.

Washing your child’s seat cover should be just as easy as removing your bedsheets. That’s why it’s important to have the right tools that will make you and your child’s life less of a hassle and more convenient. Our toddler car seat covers are designed to put your tot in comfort, safety, and cleanliness. Your child will be able to relax and sleep with ease with our seat covers.

Motor vehicle injuries are one of the leading causes of critical injuries and even death among toddlers, so that is why we have tested our toddler car seat covers for graco to the fullest extent in Calspan Laboratory, a Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA) laboratory. Your child’s safety and well-being is of the uttermost importance to us.

The NIKO Car Seat Cover comes with many convenient features so that your child’s next spill or potty accident no longer has to be a catastrophe. From multiple storage pockets for food and toys, a waterproof-bottom, and convenient cup holder openings from both sides: what’s not to be excited about? Don’t waste any more time worrying about how your toddler is doing in the backseat. The NIKO Car Seat has you covered so that you can focus on the road ahead of you, free from distractions and decreasing your likelihood of getting into an accident.

We offer both toddler boy car seat covers and girl toddler car seat covers in a variety of styles to suit your tot’s personality and make them feel as comfortable in the car as possible. We also offer them at affordable prices. We have accumulated thousands of satisfied customers in just a few short years and have even been featured on multiple TV programs - and we want as many more families as possible to be able to enjoy the benefits of our high-quality car seat covers. Starting from our humble beginnings as a Kickstarter campaign in 2018, we have since expanded our brand significantly. We are ready for you and your family to start experiencing the difference our product makes in your lives! 

We understand that sometimes being a parent feels like you have to be a superhuman, but as ordinary people we all have our limitations, and that’s why we want our toddler car seat covers to help transform your life today. You will definitely see why parents and little ones alike love the NIKO Car Seat Cover.