Our Story

"If you have an amazing idea, send it out to the universe!"

  - Jinah Kim-Perek

The NIKO was invented after a particularly messy day at the beach. My son Niko, who was 2 at the time, had wet sand coming out of every crevice of his body.

Putting him in the car seat would mean tiny sand particles would remain on the car seat for months and mold might become a problem if the car seat stayed wet for the ride home.

I thought, "I wish I could slap a towel on his car seat!"  An easily-washable car seat cover for children just did not exist in big box stores. The idea of a car seat cover started percolating in my head.

After two years of experimenting and testing, the result is The NIKO: simply the best and most child-and-parent-friendly car seat on the market.