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"Fit my britax marathon car seats perfectly. Super soft and luxurious for my three kids. Great for long car rides- mess free with snacks and added pockets for toy storing convenience. During hot weather I just increase the a/c to the kids since this seat adds warmth. Very excited to see how well they add warmth to the cold winter car rides. "

Mackenzie P.

Just threw it in the washer, all good!

"We just washed our Niko cover for the first time. Caramel candy that somehow melted and got all over my son. He had sticky candy Everywhere including on the Niko cover! When we got home, we threw it in the washer and it came right out!"


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Meet the NIKO: The Easy Wash Children's Car Seat Cover

The NIKO Easy Wash Children's Car Seat Cover is your life-saving solution to a constant problem for parents and grandparents alike: sticky, messy, filthy car seats!

Picture this: You’re driving your child to school or to daycare before work. You’re behind schedule and didn’t have time to feed your child at home or have any breakfast yourself. Your day is already off to a bad start, and you find yourself stuck in the middle of the morning rush hour. It feels like you’ve been stuck at the same red light for a century and a half. You give your child something to snack on and a bottle of juice to tide them over. The next thing you know, your child has an accident and spills it all over the back seat. They’re soiled and they start crying, and there’s nothing you can do because you’re trying to drive. You certainly are not looking forward to having to clean their soiled seat. You’ll find yourself asking “Why didn’t I get reusable baby car seat covers ?” You can always keep the NIKO baby car seat cover in the car somewhere, and use it for occasions like these.

As a parent, you are busier than ever before. You have the responsibility of looking after your child who is prone to accidents and making messes that can be a nightmare to clean up. You deserve to give yourself a break from the stress and make not only your life easier but also your child’s. It’s time to get a new, reusable car seat cover for your young one. Our high-quality baby car seat covers are the reliable and handy solution to this problem for you as well as all the little members of your family.

Why make life harder than it needs to be? NIKO Easy Wash Children's Car Seat Covers are simply the best, highest-quality baby carseat covers to put on. It literally only takes seconds - and when it gets dirty, just pull it off and throw it in the wash: hassle-free! You can finally say goodbye to the stressful days of struggling to take out, wash and replace your child’s gross, hard-to-remove seat cover. Make parenting an easier job for once and let us help you out with our critically-acclaimed baby seat cover.

We know that accidents are bound to happen, that’s why our top-notch baby seat covers are made with high-quality, super-soft fabric, super-strong elastic, and sturdy double stitching that you can reuse over and over again with astonishing ease! We offer both designs appropriate for both boys and girls alike that your tot will love.

The NIKO Easy Wash Children's Car Seat Cover helps you keep the mess off of your children while keeping their baby car seat covers looking brand new.

GET IT NOW! Here's What Makes NIKO Unique:

👍 Universal harness openings to fit almost all front-facing or 3-in-1 toddler car seats.

👍 Takes only seconds to put on and take off.

👍 4 built-in storage pockets to store toys and food.

👍 Waterproof bottom.

👍 Cupholder openings on both sides.

👍 Lab-tested for safety and durability.

👍 Can be washed and reused over and over.

👍 Designed to NOT INTERFERE with seat safety features.