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Meet NIKO - Easy Wash Children's Car Seat Cover

The NIKO Easy Wash Children's Car Seat Cover is the answer to a constant problem for many parents and grandparents: sticky, messy, filthy car seats!

We constantly worry about the germs our children are exposed to. And yet, we sit them down on car seats that rarely - if ever - get washed.

According to one study, researchers found an average of 100 potentially dangerous bacteria and mold living in each square centimeter of toddler car seats!

The NIKO Easy Wash Children's Car Seat Cover helps you keep that mess - (and what ever else gets on your child's car seat) off of your child while keeping their car seat looking brand new. 

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What Happy Parents Say

Parents who bought the NIKO Children's Car Seat Cover Share their experience.


"Fit my britax marathon car seats perfectly. Super soft and luxurious for my three kids. Great for long car rides- mess free with snacks and added pockets for toy storing convenience. During hot weather I just increase the a/c to the kids since this seat adds warmth. Very excited to see how well they add warmth to the cold winter car rides. "

Mackenzie P.

Just threw it in the washer, all good!

"We just washed our Niko cover for the first time. Caramel candy that somehow melted and got all over my son. He had sticky candy Everywhere including on the Niko cover! When we got home, we threw it in the washer and it came right out!"



The NIKO Children's Car Seat Cover has undergone extensive safety crash testing by Calspan Laboratory to ensure it does not interfere in any way with the safety features of the seat.

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The NIKO was reviewed by the The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

"It is imperative to keep areas that children frequent often, such as car seats, clean. Using an easy wash children’s car seat cover by Niko is great way to do that!"