A Life Saver!

“We purchased for a recent road trip and it was such a lifesaver! It was easy to put on and take off! The pockets were amazing to hold all the snacks and drinks on the go. It’s very comfortable and so soft.”

- P.B.

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How my real-life Niko inspired innovation

The NIKO was invented after a particularly messy day at the beach. My son Niko, who was 2 at the time, had wet sand coming out of every crevice of his body. I thought, "I wish I could slap a towel on his car seat!"  

After two years of experimenting and testing, the result is The NIKO: simply the best and most child, and parent-friendly car seat cover on the market.

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The NIKO Saves a Lot of Effort

"My younger child gets carsick... I found the NIKO after my fourth god-awful cleaning session of her carseat... cleaning every single crevice and strap... it's the literal worst. The NIKO saves a lot of effort. It spares the carseat from most of the mess. I've washed it at least ten times, and it still looks and fits great. I keep at least one extra NIKO in the car at all times."

- A.M.

Goodbye, germs! See you later, spills!

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