The NIKO is intended to be used in conjunction with any and all seat belts and safety devices which are part of the original manufacturer's car seat.  Do not allow this product to interfere with the safe installation of car seat, according to car seat manufacturer's instructions.  This product is not intended for infants or infant car seats.

Many car seat manufacturers prohibit all “add-on” products without even knowing the nature or purpose of the products they are prohibiting. A manufacturer, often for liability reasons, will simply allege that any product not made by that manufacturer could potentially interfere with the car seat’s safety system and, therefore, should not be used. However, the NIKO Easy Wash Children’s Car Seat Cover does not, in any way, alter or interfere with the car seat’s safety system. The NIKO uses a thin, lightweight fabric comparable to most children's clothes. Therefore, when used properly, the NIKO presents no greater safety risk than would clothing your child in a sweater on a chilly day.


You can view a list of the NIKO's safety-related tests here.