NIKO Safety and Crash Tests

We tested the NIKO for every safety qualification we could think of! Our safety certifications include:

  • Crash tests
  • Washability tests
  • Reviews of choking risks
  • Flammability tests

    Safety is our number-one priority, and the NIKO has passed all tests with flying colors!
    Car seat manufacturers work hard to ensure that their products are used correctly. They don’t want people making changes to the five-part harness systems, or adding accessories that might keep the car seat from doing the work of protecting a child.

    We designed the NIKO to be completely compatible with all safety requirements, and we conducted extensive crash tests with the help of Cal Span Labs, who certified that the NIKO does NOT interfere with the car seat’s effectiveness. For safety reasons, car seat manufacturers don’t want you to place anything thick (like cushions or puffy coats) between the child and the car seat. With this in mind, we intentionally designed our cotton style to be about one millimeter thick. As a result, the NIKO has about the same impact on car seat safety as your child’s clothing (in other words, practically none).
    Note that car seat manufacturers discourage the use of accessories that work with or attach to a car seat, including after-market cup holders, toys, lanyards, head cushions, etc. We understand their concern, but our independent lab tests prove that the NIKO does NOTHING to interfere with the car seat’s function.
    We’re proud to report that in addition to all of our safety tests, the NIKO’s innovative design was awarded a utility patent in 2021.
    Of all the car seat covers on the market, the NIKO Easy Wash Car Seat Cover is the most tested, the most trusted, and the most beloved car seat cover you will find.

    The NIKO during tests at CalSpan labs.