Airplane Travel Tips with Toddlers

So, you have decided to take that big step as parents and get on an airplane with your toddler. Woah! The panic ensues as you think of the millions of items you have to tow around with you to make junior happy as you are cruising 30,000 feet high. 


When you safely get back to the ground, collect your luggage, yourselves, and probably your mind - you are off to the car rental agency to get your ride. Your car rental company is glad to supply you with a child’s car seat, but where has it been?  What did the child who occupied it before yours do or eat in that seat?  Exactly.

The next time you rent a car seat from a rental agency, don’t forget to bring the NIKO toddler car seat covers

What are universal toddler car seat covers?

The NIKO was designed to have a universal-fit, meaning it should fit almost all toddler car seats at the forward-facing stage. So, when you do pick up your child car seat from your rental car service, you do not have to worry about the NIKO not fitting that specific car seat model. All you have to do is pop it on!  It’s truly that simple.

Although a universal car seat cover can fit many seats, it is not going to give you that tight fit a custom seat cover will. Overall, a universal cover works more like a protective cloak over your child’s car seat instead of an exact-fitting one. 

Protects and extends the life of the upholstery

Although it technically is not your car, you want to be respectful as you can with a car that’s not yours. No one feels pleased with themselves when they bring back a lent item that is gross. 


Car seat covers add further hygiene

A seat cover offers a child a soft layer to their otherwise stiff car seat which they can fit properly in with adjusted seat belts.  Also – keeps them a layer away from whatever germs may be lurking on the seat padding. 


Practical and easy to use

One of the best features of a car seat cover is how easy it is to remove. Takes seconds!  Just throw it in the wash and re-use it over and over again. Remove it without any hassles, instruction books, or swearing. Besides taking it off with ease, putting it on is simple as well with no room for error or risk of jeopardizing the safety of your toddler. 

Because the material is easy to wash and care for, your child is constantly in contact with a clean, dry surface. 


How many car seat covers do I need?

This all depends on where you are going, how long for, and what the season is. When traveling, it is recommended to bring along two covers, so if one gets dirty you always have a backup. 


Beautiful to look at

The NIKO Easy Wash Children’s Car Seat Covers come in a variety of designs and prints that add personalization and a lot of fun to the ride.

NIKO’s goal is to protect what you love the most, and for that reason, we offer different models that are designed not to interfere with seat safety features. 


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