Niko Easy Wash Children's Car Seat Cover & Liner - 100% Cotton Jersey - Blue Unicorn

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The Niko Easy Wash Children's Car Seat Cover & Liner - 100% Cotton Jersey - Blue Unicorn is the answer to a constant problem for many parents and grandparents: sticky, messy, filthy car seats!

It's so easy to put on - literally takes seconds - and when it gets dirty, just pull it off and throw it in the wash!  

Made with high-quality, 100% cotton jersey fabric, super-strong elastic, and sturdy double stitching, you can re-use it over and over again!

Why you need this:

  • So you can easily wash away the yuck that would otherwise be within your child's reach, day in and day out while in the car.
  • To keep your child from sitting on melted chocolate or weeks old food
  • To keep your child car seat looking brand new
  • To keep your sanity
  • 'Cuz, have you seen your child's car seat lately?!...


     *     Waterproof lining on the NIKO seat bottom to help protect from accidents and spills

     *     Two Pockets on each side for food and toys and trash

     *     Universal Fit for all forward-facing toddler stage car seats

     *     Cup Holder openings on each side

     *     Machine washable and dryable

     *     Fast N' Easy to take off and put on


But there's more...

     *     100% Cotton options for comfort for your child's sensitive skin and perfect for      warm weather or year round.

     *     Warm and snuggly, ultra-soft, 100% Polyester Minky fabric options for cool weather and kids that enjoy snuggling with their favorite blanky.

     *     Double-stitching throughout for extra durability.

     *     Super-strong elastic holds the NIKO in place.



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