Why Parents Use Kids Car Seat Covers When Children Are Potty Training

Maybe you’re the lucky parent of a toddler who took to potty training like fish to water. However, for most parents, potty training is one of the most challenging times in their, and their toddlers’ lives.  But luckily for us – the NIKO kids car seat cover was invented in 2018, changing parents’ lives forever!


When going on a road trip with potty training kids it’s vital to have kids car seat covers just in case

Kid-proof car seat covers are a critical tool to have during your child’s potty training stage because children usually learn in spurts and stalls. 

Often, they even regress or lose skills they have recently amassed, and that includes using the toilet. Naturally, parents feel frustrated and sometimes even upset when their potty-trained child has an accident. You should keep in mind that in many situations, regression is in fact a healthy emotional response to feelings your child isn't yet able to express. So, the best way to handle a potty training setback is to stay positive and take steps to help your child make progress again. 

Potty Training While On A Road Trip

When it comes to potty training in the car it's a different story, and thank goodness for kids car seat covers like the NIKO! There's no sugarcoating it  - potty training in the car can be a bear. 

When traveling with potty training children, you will have about one minute to find a bathroom when your child says they "got to go" and a lot of logistics are necessary.  That’s why you should always keep a NIKO Easy Wash Kids Car Seat Cover in the car with you during this stage of your child’s life.

All children are different, so potty training while on car journeys are going to be a little bit different for each one. Here are a few of the best tips for potty training in the car that many parents have learned over the years from their potty training toddlers.

Here we break down everything you need to make a car trip using seat cover for kids a success. 


Should My Kids Wear Training Pants Or Underwear? 

Keep in mind that the type of undies your toddler is wearing will affect how you approach traveling in the car while potty training. 

Normally, there are two options: regular underwear or training pants (like Pull-ups). Most of the time, training pants keep the mess in one area when there is an accident. They are usually very simple to work with. 

If your child wears underwear, it is going to call for a few more supplies to give you peace of mind. 


Let's take a look at both options.

Training pants 

There are two types of training pants: washable and disposable. Here are the advantages and disadvantages. 


  • Efficient at catching accidents as they occur which means less cleanup for you.
  • Cloth training pants are washable, which saves you some coins.
  • Disposable training pants are easy to remove and throw away, getting rid of the need to carry around wet undies. 


  • Disposable training pants have the same texture as diapers so they can sometimes confuse a toddler.
  • Your child may depend on them as a crutch rather than make an attempt to reach the bathroom.
  • You may take more risks and go longer stretches of time knowing your toddler is wearing them.


If you opt for underwear while traveling in the car, here are a few things to think about. 


  • There's a huge possibility your toddler won't like the feeling of sitting in her own "mess" and so may try harder to stay dry when wearing underwear.
  • Emphasizes that there are no more diapers so there is no confusion.



  • You'll have a mess to clean up if accidents happen.
  • You'll have to carry around wet and soiled clothes after accidents.

It is clear that there is no perfect solution for everyone. So, it's best to select the type of underwear that suits your situation. For instance, is your toddler dressed up to head somewhere fancy or to a casual outing with casual clothes on?

How much time do you have to clean up if there's an accident? 

Ask yourself these questions to determine what will work best for you. 

HUGE TIP: Are you concerned that training pants will cause regression? If so, you can put on a pull-up or plastic undies to prevent messy accidents without confusing your toddler. 

How To Have A Successful Car Trip

Here are some tips to ensure you are ready for whatever happens while traveling. 


Preliminary Planning

When you know you are going on a car trip, begin to get ready in advance with these helpful tips.

First of all, don't begin potty training for the first time only a few days before your trip. 

You should begin weeks or even months before so your toddler will already be used to the process. 

Get your toddler familiar with the travel potty in advance. Using something new for the first time while on a road trip may make your toddler uncertain to go. 

Make sure your child has seen and used the travel potty at least once before the trip so they are acquainted with it. 

Car Potty Training Checklist

Traveling in the car while your toddler is still potty training requires its own set of special potty supplies.

Use this handy checklist so you'll never forget what to bring.

  1. Wet bag for soiled clothes
  2. Extra pair of clothes and shoes
  3. Wipes to clean your toddler
  4. Travel potty
  5. Disinfecting wipes to clean your car and car seat
  6. Protective car seat cover
  7. Pee cup (for boys, for girls)
  8. Portable folding toilet seat to place on top of public toilets
  9. Toilet seat covers (for using public bathrooms)
  10. Large towels for cleanup

But never forget that the NIKO Easy Wash Children’s Car Seat Covers will always give you peace of mind during your road trips no matter what undies you use, how competently potty trained your toddler is, or how far you go without making stops!