Why Are Kids Car Seat Covers a Necessity In Your Vehicle?

Everyone loves the sight and smell of an immaculate, clean car. However, when you have little munchkins, you have to sometimes accept the fact that your vehicle is going to take a shellacking from a three-foot beast. For that reason, car seat covers are highly recommended when traveling with young children (and some adults). 


These are what kids’ car seat covers can protect your car seats and car from

Children get into all heaps of things and enjoy messy activities – which are great for their development and should be encouraged.  At the same time, you don't want the things that they enjoy to gum up and litter your car. Fortunately, kid proof car seat covers can save your vehicle from turning into a wreck. In general, car seat covers protect their car seats from turning into sticky, germy messes.  Also, installing seat covers for kids maintains the beauty and value of your car while making it look more aesthetically pleasing. 

What are kids’ car seat covers? 

If you think about it, kids car seat covers are just covers for your child's car seat. It works in the same way - it fits over the seat and shields the upholstery from spills, crumbs, stains, dirt, dust, and debris from ruining the cloth of their seat and the car around them. Besides the protection from the mess, the advantages of purchasing a child's seat cover include:

  • You maintain the condition of your child's seat.
  • You can customize the appearance to suit your child's preferred style.

Parents can rest assured that while driving, a seat cover can ward off their child's messy spills and sticky fingers. 


Many parents admit that they have never cleaned their child's car seat

Sometimes you have to be honest with yourself and ask: "When was the last time I cleaned my child's car seat?" If you answered “never,” you would not be alone. As a matter of fact, research has shown that parents seldom have the time, or the memorization skills to be able to detach and re-attach the cover that comes with the car seat – because it has so many hooks, holes and harnesses!  But – it’s a bit like never cleaning their high chair, and let’s face it - that is kind of gross!


Our eyes can't see the nasties

Let's be real. Our children are pretty busy in the back seat during a car journey. They're constantly munching on snacks, there is the sporadic poonami, grubby toddler hands, and who can forget the car sickness. It is what you kind of expect to deal with as parents. 

Nevertheless, the thought of your child sitting in remnants of their grossness, or even worse, another child's, can freak a lot of parents out. It could put your child at risk of catching yucky things such as bacterial pneumonia, bacterial meningitis, and ear infections.



What are you looking for when you buy a car seat cover?

Before you spend your hard-earned money on a car seat cover for your child, we suggest considering these factors:


  • Comfort
  • Fit
  • Breathability
  • Durability
  • Machine Washability



A car seat cover should do two things, protect your child's seat but also be something cozy that your child will enjoy sitting on. For instance, NIKO car seat covers are made of super-soft fabric children will love!



Any area that is not covered is an area that they will stain and soil. So, you have to make sure the car seat cover covers most if not all of the child’s car seat. Did you find a car seat cover that is a basic towel that covers the whole seat, or does it have a tighter fit that is safer for your child and looks more aesthetically pleasing? 



A car seat cover should be breathable. Some car seat covers are made out of a material that restricts airflow and doesn't let your child's skin breathe. It should ideally be made of similar material as their clothes. 


The NIKO Easy Wash Children’s Car Seat Covers can be used and washed over and over again.  Our testing facility, Intertek, was able to wash each of our covers 200 times!  That’s durability!  

Machine Washable

This is a big one. The whole point of a car seat cover is to be able to take it off and throw it in your washing machine without having to worry about it. Food, drink, poop, pee, sweat, dirt, and mud can leave some funky odors in your car, and may even harm your child. For that reason, it is necessary to have a washable car seat cover so you can easily get rid of any bacteria and germs.

Bottom Line: The NIKO is a wonderful kids’ car seat cover made to keep your child in a germ, mess, and stain-minimized environment, while at the same time keeping the car seat looking new. Not only are they cozy and look good, but they are also safe and durable too!


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