NIKO: The Easy Kids Car Seat Covers for Your Family

Your child will require a car seat until they are 4 foot and 9 inches (144.78 cm, which usually occurs between the ages of 8 and 12 years old). The law does not mandate parents to include a seat cover, but it is highly advisable for a variety of reasons. For one, it serves as a cover that insulates your child’s seat from extreme cold and hot temperatures inside the car, as well as making your child more comfortable while they are riding in the car so they can take a proper nap whenever they need to. It is important to purchase a high-quality car seat cover that will not only secure your child in the back seat but also one that is easy to keep clean to prevent the spread of germs. It’s time to get a kid proof car seat cover. NIKO Car Seat Covers are premium kids car seat covers that help keep your child in the lap of comfort and safety. 

There are many features that the NIKO Car Seat Covers offer that both you and your child are sure to enjoy. From the charismatic design patterns our seat covers for kids come in, to their convenient water-proof material, you will find it hard not to love them. We offer kids car seat covers that your son or daughter will love.

When your child gets dirty from a long day playing sports or has a spilling accident in the car, you will no longer need to panic and be stressed over having to clean the back of your car again. Our seat covers are universal, and can be washed again and again as many times as you need.

You will no longer have to stress over struggling to remove your child’s seat cover when it needs to be thrown into the washing machine. NIKO will serve as a fresh breath of air in your busy life when you find our kid proof car seat covers removable within seconds. Not only that, but our seat cover for kids come with handy pockets to store your child’s food, drinks, and toys. You can finally start to enjoy long road trips with the family once again thanks to our kids car seat covers and all of their convenient features.

We have accumulated many satisfied customers in the few short years since we launched in 2018. Parents love our products and we have even been featured on several television programs.

“The day after I got it and put it on the seat my baby the threw up... This made it so easy to clean it up. I really like this product - wish I would of bought it sooner,” writes one happy parent.

 “Unicorn print is adorable (loud squeals of approval from granddaughter) , and fabric is soft. Machine washes and air dries beautifully. Pocket placement is ideal. Fits Graco forward facing Grow With Me car seat nicely!!” writes a pleased grandmother.

You and your child only deserve the best, so allow us to make you and your family’s lives easier today. Buy one of our kids car seat covers today and you might just find yourself being able to enjoy being a parent a little more than you did yesterday!