Why the NIKO Makes an Awesome Birthday Gift for Toddlers!

If you know somebody whose child is about to graduate from babyhood to toddlerhood, why not get them something no one else is likely to give as a gift: toddler car seat covers


NIKO Easy Wash Toddler Car Seat Covers Make a Handy Gift!

Our NIKO Easy Wash Children’s Car Seat Covers are an excellent choice for many reasons!

  • They’re useful for just about any parent

Who doesn’t have a car?  Or two, or three?  Between parents, grandparents and caregivers, many cars are likely involved for many different trips with our little ones. Even parents who don’t have a vehicle likely take a child car seat when they ride in another family member’s car, a rental car or an Uber ride.

  • Comfortable and snuggly

The NIKO toddler car seat cover is so snuggly, they will love to fall asleep in its softness! For folks who live in colder climates, they are also very useful for keeping that car seat a bit warmer and cuddly-er for when your child goes back in the car after it’s been parked for a while.  And for the warm to sizzling parts of our country – it also helps protect your child from super hot car seats!  

  • Convenient pockets

The NIKO’s pockets are convenient for storing your child’s food, sippy cups, and toys. It’s also what sets us apart from any other children’s car seat cover that’s out there!  In fact, these unique pockets helped us get a U.S. Patent.  You will no longer have to worry about things spilling out of your child’s car seat, or misplacing the things they love, in your car. The NIKO will help you to not only stay clean, but super organized as well! 

  • It’s so easy to remove and put back on!

Whenever you need to clean your car seat cover from spills or, eh-hem, bio-accidents, you can count on the NIKO for a simple removal-and-wash process. It only takes a few seconds to take off and put back on!   Throw it into the washing machine and re-use over and over again.

  • Adorable designs

Our product comes in a multitude of irresistible designs that both parents and children will love! From owls to puppies to cool unicorns, you are bound to find the perfect pattern that you – or your mom friend - will appreciate!

What real parents are saying


“We love the cover! It is great for spills, visits to the beach and swimming pool. It is so easy to remove and clean. It is a must have with children! You will be happy you made the purchase.” - Jenny, Amazon user

“My baby has recently gotten into a stage where she refuses to get into our car without a pouch of food or crackers. That's normally not a problem but when it's only one parent driving we don't notice when she shoves goldfish into cracks of the car that we didn't know existed! On top of that, the various spills have made us tempted to just take out the car seat and spray it with a hose. But then I heard of the Niko and it has been so awesome letting it take the brunt force of my daughter's food painting. It's not complicated since I just throw it in the wash and it's amazing how much it catches. I've already ordered two more to keep in rotation and definitely recommend for parents of any kids who eat.” - Eileen, Amazon user

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! 

Let’s face it: when things become chaotic with all the messiness and disorganization life can throw at you, your child isn’t the only one who feels like throwing a fit. As parents, especially as mothers, we want to help each other out by giving each other the best tips and tricks so that we can raise happy and healthy children! We have gender-neutral, as well as specific toddler boy car seat covers and toddler girl car seat covers to suit everyone’s tastes. Go ahead and save when you buy more!  Purchase 2 NIKO toddler car seat covers today using the promotional code 2Pack10.

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