Parents Should Know That Messy Play is Okay When Your Car Has Kids Car Seat Covers

It's rare for parents to say to their children, "Okay, kids. Have fun making a mess!" 

If you can relate to this, stick around and find out why kids car seat covers or kid proof car seat covers like the NIKO Easy Wash Children’s Car Seat Covers - are a handy investment. 

Let your children have fun when they play with kids car seat covers

What is Messy Play?

Even after purchasing seat covers for kids, your natural instinct is to cringe when your child wants to get messy. However, encouraging this natural desire to explore can help build crucial life skills for your children.  It encourages brain development.   Also, messy play supports curiosity and allows your child to discover their interests and use their senses.  Plus, when you’re equipped with the NIKO kids car seat covers – what’s the harm?  

Essentially, messy play is a style of play that allows children to take the lead, test, try and learn with their hands, as well as experience a vast array of textures and materials. It zeros in on play-based learning and lets children “know” at their own speed. 

Also, messy play helps establish fine motor control, foundational math and science concepts, problem-solving skills, social-emotional skills, and a lot more!


Messy Play Ideas For Kids

Here are a few examples of messy play ideas your kids can get into while you keep your calm, knowing you got NIKO Easy Wash kids car seat covers

Mud, Dirt and Sand. Children will always gravitate towards dirt. And it's because they love it! They love to dig in it, drag dirt and sand in the car and in the house, seemingly by the truckload. Also, children have a talent that allows them to effortlessly put sand in their shoes, tucked socks, and even the cuffs of their pants! And hey! What about mud? That's when you have to roll up your sleeves and hose them down!

Shaving Cream. Kids go crazy for shaving cream, but it can cause a big mess on their clothes, hands, face, and feet. Not to mention the table, chairs, sink, dog, cat, and anything else standing in their way as they make their way to wash themselves up. If you want to hear your children squeal in even more excitement, add some food coloring to the shaving cream!

Playdough. Although it's actually a clean activity if your kids are careful, if they aren't, you can bet your bottom dollar playdough will end up in all manner of places, crevices, and even in their hair and ears! Among other things, children deftly manage to shove playdough in every little opening of their toys. 

Flour play and other pantry items (rice, oatmeal, corn meal). Your children will dump and track it all over the house, and probably the car too, but they just adore these mini sandboxes. 

Painting. Even though painting can get messy, enjoy your children's beautiful creations and encourage their artistic side. 

Water play. Regardless of what you do to prevent children from making a mess in water, it's bound to happen. They will pour, splash, drip, and just run around everywhere with H20. Water is always one of the top sensory activities for kids. 

Yarn and glue creations. It may not sound like much, but it's up there as one of the messiest activities of them all. Children love to combine the yarn and glue together and come up with their own little creations. 

Glitter. It's so pretty, so shiny, yet so messy! Nevertheless, it makes any youngster's project shine!

Why Is It Important Children Do Messy Play? 

There's a saying that you should go by as a parent, and that's – "Excuse the mess, but the children are making memories"? And yes, that's precisely what they are doing. 

  • It helps children explore their senses in every way.
  • Children love messy play, and that should be a good enough reason.
  • It creates memories that children will definitely remember, e.g., "Remember that time when mom let us…….."
  • You will be the apple of their eye. 

After all the messy play, don't forget that the NIKO Easy Wash Children’s Car Seat Covers allow you to keep your child in a germ, mess, and stain-controlled environment, while at the same time keeping their car seat spic and span. Besides the fact that they are comfortable, cozy, and look great, they are also safe and durable too!

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